Gary's Story

Helping people live their healthiest life possible became my mission when saving my life seemed impossible.

After my time as a collegiate athlete and into a burgeoning sales career, I was hit with diagnosis of stage 4 colorectal cancer. My life and story could’ve ended there but my competitive nature took over. I decided that while I would consider the advice of some great physicians, I would also use other holistic methods.

My regimen included switching to a plant-based diet while creating specific juices to start my day, CBD, and drinking 2 gallons of living water every day. Getting my body to a more alkaline-state assisted greatly in my overall treatment and to be here now to share this with you is a testament to that.

If you are seeking alternative medical relief through any of the things I do, please consult your physician before you consume any products you may buy from this website, or any other for that matter.

My Why

Gary Heyer With His Wife And Daughter

When I was first diagnosed, I was scared and without a plan on how to fight this disease, let alone beat it, but one thing was for sure, I was never going to give up. I made up my mind that I was going to become a better version of myself everyday whether it be through my diet, exercise or in my relationships and my business, I just wanted to be better everyday so I can have a fighting chance to be here for my wife and my daughter.

They are ‘My Why’… the reason why I live my life the way I do, and as a result of my desire to live my life full out with them, I have developed the HeyerPower Wellness Lifestyle that has not only worked to help me become cancer free, but also is allowing me to help others along the way.

If your WHY is big enough, anything is possible!

HeyerPower Wellness

After receiving the uplifting news of being declared ‘cancer free,’ I felt compelled to share my holistic approach to wellness. I’ve meticulously curated a comprehensive guide, aiming to extend support not only to those battling debilitating diseases but to anyone eager to enhance their overall health.

At HeyerPower Wellness, our inclusive platform caters to diverse individuals – from avid CrossFit enthusiasts and seniors to officers, firefighters, teachers, and bankers. We provide everyone with the tools to proactively safeguard their well-being, delivering cutting-edge insights into plant-based nutrition, the benefits of CBD oil, and the significance of incorporating organic fruits and vegetables into one’s diet. Our success stories offer intimate glimpses into transformations that speak for themselves.

HeyerPower Wellness doesn’t make claims of curing diseases, but we are committed to ensuring holistic wellness through the latest information on CBD oil, plant-based nutrition, and the rejuvenating properties of cold-pressed juices. Explore our resources for a well-rounded approach to health that goes beyond conventional boundaries.

Discover the power of CBD wellness, prioritize your health journey with HeyerPower Wellness today

Treat It Like A Vegetable

Treat Your Body Like A Vegetable

A vegetable encompasses various plant parts, such as flowers, stems, leaves, roots, and seeds. In the order of Rosales, which includes roses, apples, strawberries, plums, peaches, almonds, hops, and cannabis, we find an unexpected connection – cannabis shares this order with familiar fruits like apples.

Despite misconceptions, HeyerPower Wellness advocates for viewing cannabis through the lens of a vegetable. Embracing our motto, ‘TREAT IT LIKE A VEGETABLE,’ we integrate full-spectrum cannabis leaves into our products, alongside other organic fruits and vegetables.

Research suggests that certain food pairings enhance bioavailability, optimizing absorption and utilization by the body. Cannabis, treated as a superfood, contributes to this synergy. Join us in recognizing cannabis’s potential as a nutritional powerhouse and incorporating it into your wellness journey.

HP Certified Badge

HeyerPower Wellness Certified Product Badge

The HeyerPower certification guarantees the highest standards of quality, taste, and nutrient density. Awarded to products meeting these criteria, our certification mandates the use of non-GMO, certified organic ingredients, free from harmful toxins and pesticides. These products feature full-spectrum plant compounds in their natural form, avoiding hybridization or synthesis.

Our certification ensures that the crafted product delivers peak fruit and vegetable nutrition, untouched by artificial additives or heat pasteurization. This seal serves as a beacon, signifying the meticulous care invested in creating each HeyerPower certified product.

Join Us In the Fight Against Cancer

I had so many wonderful people rally around me throughout my war with cancer. Whether it was to offer advice, or to donate their hard-earned money to help my family and I pay down our extreme medical expenses… so many people showed up! Also, we were blessed by the dance world in many ways financially to keep our daughter in dance so she can continue to grow and be in a loving and positive environment while we fought one of the deadliest diseases on the planet.

We are forever living in gratitude for every single person that has supported our journey in any way. It was my promise to God throughout my fight and now as I carry out my mission in life, if He gave me a second chance at life with my family, that I would live it better and more in line with how He designed us to live.

But that wasn’t all that I promised!

I promised Him that I would help as many people suffering from cancer fight it stronger and share all that I have learned with as many people as possible. I didn’t know how I was going to repay this debt until the HeyerPower Wellness Lifestyle came together and the products my team and I have created began to work for so many others!

As I have been speaking with a lot of warriors battling cancer across the country for the last few years sharing my story and regimens, a majority of the people I speak with would love access to my products, but there is absolutely no way they can afford them.

Most people battling cancer, especially in advanced stages, cannot work and it becomes way too expensive to buy supplements, juices and and other weapons to help the body thrive, when you are just trying to pay the gas bill to keep the heater on to stay warm as the medical bills pile up.

Therefore most people fighting cancer are not able to have access to an arsenal of high performance natural fuel like the products we offer here that can make a massive difference in their outcomes.

With that being said, we have committed a portion of the profits generated from HeyerPower Enterprises, and HeyerPower Wellness to be donated to fight against cancer across America. We are going to put the proceeds to work in multiple ways. Here are just a few of them:

We will give FREE HeyerPower Wellness Immunity Elixirs to qualified cancer warriors!

We will give FREE HeyerPower Wellness CBD Oils and Scorpion CBD Oils to qualified cancer warriors!

We will DONATE a portion of our annual proceeds to a non-profit organization of our choice that is designated to help fight cancer.

In order for us to succeed at helping 1,000,000 cancer warriors across our nation, we need your support. A portion of every dollar you spend here at will be put to use to help people that are fighting for their lives against this ugly disease.

With HeyerPower Wellness, you will help us change many lives, while we help you change yours!

Let’s get healthier together!