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3 Day Signature Immunity Elixir Package


HeyerPower Elixirs

Discover the transformative power of our handcrafted Elixirs. Boost metabolism, fortify immunity, support heart health, or detoxify – our potent blends bring nature’s goodness straight from the vine. Elevate your well-being sip by sip, embracing a healthier, more vibrant life with every drop.
Hemp Derived Raw CBDA Food Topper - Front View


CBDA Food Topper

Elevate every meal with our CBDA-infused Food Topper. A culinary essential crafted for health-conscious gourmets. Unleash the benefits of CBDA, enhancing your dishes with a natural touch that delights the senses and nurtures well-being. Elevate your dining experience today.
HeyerPower Wellness CBD Oil Trio


Full Spectrum CBD Oils

Embark on holistic well-being with our Full Spectrum CBD Oil. Unleash cannabinoids’ natural power in every drop, fostering balance and overall health. Pure, potent, and effective, it’s your ally for a healthier, harmonious life journey.
HeyerPower Wellness SeaMoss Gel


Seamoss Gel

Immerse in pure vitality with our Sea Moss. Rich in nutrients, it supports overall health, promoting vitality and rejuvenation. Experience the ocean’s goodness for a healthier, revitalized you.


These juices are life changing! So much energy and clarity that comes from the regular routine of consuming them daily. I literally look forward to when I get to drink them.

Nick LongCustomer

I had been overwhelmed by CBD and what it is and if the oils could be safe for my kids because so many of my ‘safe’ products have sneaky little ingredients in them. HeyerPower Wellness has teamed up with Scorpion CBD and has the knowledge and the products that we 100% stand behind. The change in our kids with these oils was amazing and immediate!

Tracy BruceCustomer

Thank you HeyerPower Wellness for all your help! I have had radiation and chemo and because of you and following your protocol, I have never had to take any medications to help get me through the side effects. I changed my water, diet and added your tinctures a few weeks before my first chemo. Going into this with a healthier body has made all the difference.

Yoli RosiakCustomer

The tinctures and elixirs have been an absolute game changer for my energy levels and overall well being. I’m can’t get enough of these products, they’re made from fresh ingredients and I wouldn’t put anything else into my body except HeyerPower’s products.

Jay GomezCustomer


HeyerPower University

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