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Good health shouldn’t be expensive and thats why we give back to our loyal customers in more ways than one. With every dollar you spend here at HeyerPowerWellness.com you earn points that can be turned in for discounts, saving you money. See below for more ways to earn rewards.

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First Order earns you an extra 50 points.

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Every dollar spent equals 1 point.

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Earn a permanent 5% discount once you’ve earned 1000 points.

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Earn a permanent 10% discount once you’ve earned 2500 points.

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Earn a permanent 20% discount once you’ve earned 5,000 points.

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Earn a permanent 20% discount once you’ve earned 10,000 points.

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Hey Gary, I can’t say how powerful and valuable the knowledge that you share to help all of us is! But I can say it has CHANGED MY LIFE!! Kangen Water, your Wake, Boost and Calm CBD and the juices!! Everyday is a blessing! Simply put, you are what you eat (and drink) and I am feeling amazing for the first time in my life!! THANKS MAN!

RichGold Member